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Ryobi 790ST-4S

Ryobi 790ST-4S

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Key facts

Ref: Ryobi 790ST-4S LED UV | Only 3.2 million impressions

Format range: 788 x 600 mm – 200 x 279 mm
Stock range 0.04 – 0.8 mm, increased stock thickness option.
Max print area: 545 x 765 mm
Plate size: 605 x 745 mm
Max speed: 16000 sph
PCS-G Consul
PDS-E SpectroJet
PPC SIP4 Server
Semi-RPC plate change
High grade Feeder
Pneumatic sidelay device
Ink Temperature Control
Technotrans Alpha. C
Ryobimatic-D dampening
Auto Wash
INK MATE ink agitators
AMS LED UV End of press dryer
Ink mist collector
Grafix powder spray

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