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20 things we learned from our last Business Barometer…

Every four months or so we survey 900 of the UK and Ireland’s SMEs across a number of key sectors, including engineering, manufacturing, construction and transport.

This is some of what we found out…

  • 84% believe global warming poses a serious threat to humanity’s future
  • 58% have considered climate change and other environmental factors in their business plans
  • Half believe their firms can become fully carbon neutral by 2050
  • 41% pay to off-set the carbon emissions of their business
  • 57% have heard about ethical banking
  • 44% choose their funder based on who they invest in
  • 58% say it’s important to work with an ethical funder
  • 78% say they have personally been affected by the rising cost of living
  • Rises in food, fuel and energy have had the biggest impact
  • 64% have passed additional costs onto customers, either fully (40%) or partially (24%)
  • 43% have had to raise wages
  • 52% utilised at least one of the government funding schemes during the pandemic
  • 60% say their firm will benefit from further government assistance
  • 45% have suffered a cyber attack
  • 50% have invested in additional cyber security in the past 12 months
  • 77% trust that their bank’s systems are secure
  • 66% still use a local bank branch to access banking services
  • 45% have been impacted by bank branch closures
  • 37% have missed a business opportunity in the last 12 months due to lack of available finance
  • 36% expect their businesses to expand in the coming year

To see the results in full, please visit our SME Data Hub