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Building a partnership for the future with Compare Used Trucks

Meet Dave Titterton, the transport industry veteran on a mission to improve the buying and selling experience.

Close Brothers Asset Finance has entered into a partnership with his company, Compare Used Trucks, this year.  Dave and his team have three websites operating currently under the group:, and Find out more about Dave’s journey below.


What is Compare Used Trucks?

Compare Used Trucks is a modern, forward-thinking website operated by people who have been in the motor-vehicle industry their whole lives. The aim of the Compare Used group is to create a platform where the vehicle-buying public and used vehicle dealers can get what they need as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Why did you set up Compare Used Trucks? 

I first had the idea back in 2014 when I was having a conversation about truck advertising with a local truck dealer. We were talking about how expensive truck and van advertising it is, and how it’s difficult to cover a full vehicle park through one website or magazine. He said maybe I should do something about it, and that thought became firmly rooted in my mind. A few weeks later I was talking to a longstanding customer of ours, who mentioned his son was very interested in web design. That evening I went home and mocked up a website design, incorporating features I felt were needed which were missing in the market. At the time the word ‘compare’ was being used everywhere online, so it made perfect sense to use it; as it was a key part of the brand.

Once the website was created, I contacted various dealers who I had dealt with over many years in the transport and haulier industry, to ask if I could use their stock to see how the website would be received and perform.

Did the website perform to your expectations?

Traffic was very slow to begin with, but slowly over time it increased. We began to see what we thought was very good traffic, with around 14,000 impressions on the website over the first few months, and by the end of that year they were up to 28,000 monthly impressions.  By the end of 2017, acquired over 5.5 million impressions and over a million unique advert clicks!

What is on the agenda for 2018?

We currently have our Trucks, Van and Plant websites undergoing a website redesign to look and feel modern whilst keeping the original 2014 ethos of the website.

Something else that’s new for the Compare Used Group in 2018 is the partnership with Close Brothers Asset Finance. Over the past three months, we have been working in tandem to integrate the Close Brothers name and finance calculator to our website. This is a great tool, as customers are able to get a rough idea of what a finance package might look like before they call up the Close Brothers team to talk through their exact requirements.

It makes me extremely proud that organisations of this stature want to join us on our journey, and the process has been an absolute pleasure. The commitment, professionalism and humanity shown by every member of the Close Brothers team has been wonderful. To be treated this way as a supplier, I can only imagine that customers must enjoy a professional and more than satisfactory experience too.