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Close Brothers Asset Finance helps secure Positive and Colouration partnership

Close Brothers Asset Finance has played a key role in the partnership of two successful family-owned printers, Positive and Colouration.

Positive provides design, print, direct mail, web-2-print and marketing solutions for clients in the retail, media, financial, charity, cosmetics and health and wellbeing sectors, while Colouration are market leaders in delivering high end displays and visual solutions to the beauty, fragrance, retail and events industries.

“We are proud of our long history of making mergers and acquisitions happen in the print sector,” said Paul Philbrick, Sales Director of Close Brothers Asset Finance’s Print division. “Between them Positive and Colouration have been trading for well over 40 years and are both, in their own rights, highly successful. Because of this, we had no hesitation in providing them with the advance they needed to fund the deal.”

Danny Sullivan, Managing Director, Positive: “Each company had different but complimentary services. The new scale of the combined firms has resulted in the ability to offer a wider range of solutions to new, larger clients using streamlined production and up-to-date technology.

“We chose to work with Close Brothers Asset Finance for a number of reasons - they spent time getting to know us and doing business with them is painless. The team is also there for the long-term – they know this isn’t the end but the beginning. We are looking to surround ourselves with right people and we consider them as a key partner.” 

Jordan Pocock, Relationship Manager at Close Brothers Asset Finance, added: “Not only will this partnership secure the futures of a large number of loyal employees, but it will broaden their service proposition, making them more dynamic, flexible and resilient.”