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CNC Robotics’ open day

CNC Robotics’ open day, sponsored by Finance for Industry (FFI), has been hailed as a major success after drawing key manufacturing and engineering industry figures to the event.

Since being founded in 2008, CNC Robotics has grown to become a leading SME voice within the sector, passionate about championing UK manufacturing.

The event built on the success of the previous open house day held in 2019, the difference this time being the location – CNC Robotics’ new facility in Mersey Reach, Liverpool, home to the advanced machining applications specialist since the summer of 2021.

Philippa Glover, Managing Director, CNC Robotics, said: “We were delighted to host our first open house in over three years, giving the manufacturing and engineering community the chance to see what we do and meet like-minded people.

“The aim was to inspire, educate and connect the manufacturing fraternity, which I think we achieved, based on the feedback we received. Seeing everyone gather to network and catch-up after being remote for so long was wonderful to see – the event was even described by one attendee as a ‘mini-MACH’!

“This won’t be last open house we host because I feel we all have a responsibility to grow and advance the sector while breaking down barriers, and the only way that can happen is if people get together to talk first-hand to the people who design and build the systems."

Oliver Shaw, Area Sales Manager for FFI, added: “It was a great event to attend and reconnect with people we’ve not seen in person for some time.

“It was also a reminder that our support for the sector extends beyond providing finance, but also draws on our expertise in terms of how we can best support them when making key capital purchases.”

Selected feedback from the event:

‘I thought the mix of businesses with stands made it an interesting visit for local businesses. Lots of diversity but a synergy to support manufacturing and engineering businesses. Everyone I spoke to seemed to be of a like mind, which was great. It didn't feel like you were pushing for quantity of visitors, more for quality.’

‘Very informative, good to see all supplies involved in the start to end process. Reminded me of a mini-MACH’

‘An informative day that helped to create good partnerships, promoted mutually beneficial collaborations, and encouraged the building of a likeminded community around the manufacturing/robotics sectors. Also, a nice opportunity to meet the full CNC team. In summary, a very worthwhile day.’

‘Great, friendly atmosphere and attendees were genuinely keen to meet and connect.  For us it gave us insights into the manufacturing & engineering sector in particular, and generated good discussions about supply chain challenges.  Thanks for including us.’

‘It’s a really great environment, which enables people to engage with technology, impartial technology advocates and advisors and suppliers. The demonstrations provided insights you just don’t get from a zoom call. Friendly and welcoming team.’