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Funding a specialist low loader for MF Corner

Close Brothers Asset Finance has funded the manufacture of a specialist Broshuis 3 axle SL low loader that allows for the easier transportation of high-mast equipment (for example, forklifts); Broshuis is one of Europe’s most highly-regarded heavy haulage manufacturers. 

Broshuis 3 axle SL low loader


Stephen Corner, MF Corner’s Transport Manager: "We needed a new low loader but we also needed a trailer that could perform a wide range of our moves and at the same time provide new opportunities for the business. 

“It has taken nearly a year to get the specifications exactly how we wanted - the main focus was the weight it could carry and the overall height of the trailer. This new design delivers us both because the front of the trailer has a built-in ramp – when the front neck is removed it allows us to load plant and forklift trucks extremely quickly and safely. 

“The rear of the trailer has been designed to carry our demount crane, which in turn allows us to move high and wide machinery, like cabins, but we can also self-load and unload, saving our customers both time and money."

The trailer will be on show at the Broshuis open day at the company’s factory in Holland on 12 January.

Broshuis 3 axle SL low loader


Sharon Chalkley, Managing Director of Close Brothers Asset Finance’s Burton Transport office: “We have a long history of working with MF Corner, who are a well-known firm in the North East, which is why we had no hesitation in once again being their funding partner.

"We are aware that Broshuis’s products dictate strong residuals and resale values, and offered them a Hire Purchase deal over 60 months with VAT deferral to assist cash flow. We also helped them release equity on another asset, allowing them to pay the deposit for the trailer for an early build.”