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Johnston Quarry gets new crushing and screening material

Johnston Quarry Group took possession of specialist crushing and screening machinery for their new state of the art limestone quarry. 


Johnston Quarry Group is the largest supplier of quarried and mined block stone in the south of England. They own and operate multiple quarries across the UK, supplying over 60,000 tons of block stone annually to their customers.


A Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) backed facility.


For the purchase of specialist crushing and screening machinery for the firm’s new state-of-the-art limestone quarry in Lincolnshire.

The screener will process the aggregates and sand while the crusher crushes the material to the desired size, allowing for a range of customer specifications to be met.

Where? (are they based)

The firm has stone quarries in: 

  • Creeton
  • Great Tew
  • Oathill
  • Guiting
  • Arsden