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Magicman able to offer rapid rejuvenation

Mark Henderson, CEO of Magicman and a customer of Close Brothers Asset Finance, recently wrote a column about their ‘restore not replace’ philosophy, which first appeared in Cruise & Ferry Interiors

Magicman’s repair and restoration services offer a fast and cost effective way for cruise operators to ensure their ships feel fresh and new when they welcome guests back onboard.

After enduring more than a year of travel restrictions and lockdowns, the international tourism industry is gradually reopening, and people are eagerly booking cruises. To ensure they can deliver the truly luxurious cruise experience their guests are craving, operators are exploring new ways to improve their onboard offerings.

An effective, yet often underestimated, way to enhance the onboard experience is to ensure that every surface, fixture and piece of furniture onboard the ships is meticulously maintained and free from visible scratches, stains, tears, cracks, chips and other damage. However, faced with tight budgets and the need to return ships to service as soon as possible, operators may be reluctant to invest a significant amount of time and money to carry out a full-scale refurbishment in dry dock or in port.

A quick, cost-efficient and sustainable solution is to engage the services of a repair and restoration expert. Magicman can rejuvenate and restore virtually any damaged hard surface in common spaces or cabins, including marble, fibreglass, ceramics, wood, plastics, laminate, acrylics, and glass in decks, bulkheads, baths, showers, furniture, counters and artwork. We research and develop new finishes (such as new fillers, paints, lacquers, coatings) to create
innovative repair techniques and products for our customers. Our ultimate aim with all Magicman restoration techniques is to completely recreate the colour, hue and texture of the original item to make our work indistinguishable from the original and to extend the working life of assets that would otherwise go to landfill.

Restoring, rather than replacing, assets also saves time and money. Magicman’s ‘riding crew’ can board ships while they are in service and quickly complete tasks with minimal disruption to guests and crew, so operators do not need to cancel itineraries or dry dock the vessel. The crew can also work night shifts if operators seek additional discretion, which means working technicians become virtually invisible to passengers.

Repairing in-situ also eliminates up to 70 per cent of the high costs associated with installing replacement items and completely removes any risk of ancillary damage to adjacent areas, which is often caused by this process. Whether operators need help with an emergency repair or a large-scale restoration project, Magicman’s ‘riding crews’ have the skills and expertise to rapidly revitalise onboard spaces and ensure they offer a better onboard experience than ever before.