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Precision Windows & Doors - Hire Purchase

Precision Windows & Doors


Keeping up with demand

Precision Windows & Doors is a specialist manufacturer of high quality PVCu products based in Bellshill.  Founded in 2004 by John Cassidy, the company has extensive experience producing and installing windows and doors for both the public and trade.

Why the need for funding?

Customer demand was the driving force behind the team at Precision Windows & Doors seeking additional financial backing. The company understood that it needed to improve its manufacturing efficiency and output if it was going to remain competitive in an industry that is constantly evolving its machinery and manufacturing techniques.


Working closely with Close Brothers Asset Finance’s local Area Sales Manager, Julie Fisher, Precision Windows & Doors agreed a flexible funding package that has allowed the business to update its production plant with the purchase of new top of the range machinery. Julie worked in partnership with Precision Windows & Doors to understand the company’s business requirements in detail, and subsequently recommend flexible funding options to help it achieve its goals.

Precision Windows & Doors has benefited from an improvement in its cash flow since working with Close Brothers Asset Finance.  This has led to a level of financial freedom that has allowed the company to make commercial decisions aimed at growing the business, including relocating to a larger and more suitable premises, while improving their manufacturing output.


  • Improved efficiency
  • Competitive
  • Increased profits
  • Saving on overtime
  • Ability to take on more work

John Cassidy of Precision Windows & Doors stated: “The Company wouldn’t be where it is now without Close Brothers Asset Finance. The improved efficiency throughout all operations as a result of this funding has helped the business no end.”  This has allowed Precision Windows & Doors to keep up with and surpass their competition ensuring the continued expansion of the business.

With the updates made to machinery at the Bellshill premises, the team at Precision Windows & Doors no longer need to work overtime, which reduces costs and means staff aren’t under as much pressure to meet deadlines.

The expansion undertaken at Precision Windows & Doors had a number of positive effects throughout the business. Through the funding provided by Close Brothers Asset Finance, there has been noticeable improvements in the manufacturing process as well as increases in profits.

One of the major bonuses resulting from working with Close Brothers Asset Finance has been the ability to increase production.  The new manufacturing equipment and premises has allowed Precision Windows & Doors to comfortably increase their workload to supply the rise in demand. These business aspirations have now become a reality through the hard work shown at Precision Windows & Doors, along with the strong and cohesive relationship built with Close Brothers Asset Finance.