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Regional Grant Fund and Hire Purchase - HGL Dynamics Ltd

HGL Dynamics

Providing solutions and expertise 

Formed in January 2000, HGL Dynamics Ltd is a data specialist that has grown to become a development and marketing specialist for a wide range of products for the acquisition, monitoring, analysis visualisation, storage and reporting of real-world dynamic data sources. 

Twenty-two members of staff operate across sites in Surrey (design and head office) and Lincolnshire (manufacturing). Among the team are a large number of specialists, ranging from electronics and software design to technical engineering and operations experts. Supporting them is a team of global sales agents based in key markets, including Europe, Asia and the USA. 

Meeting growing demand 

HGL required funding for a number of new assets including:

  • Datron M8 Cube High Speed (Vertical Machining Centre)
  • Autodesk HSM Works CAM Software System
  • FARO Gage (Portable Measuring Machine) 
  • Worthington Creyssensac Rollair compressor 

With funding of the new machines as a requirement, Datron Technology Ltd. (based in Milton Keynes) the supplier of the CNC Machining Centre introduced the HGL Directors, Dr Jim Hone, Dr. Adam Law and Neil Scully (Operations Manager) to Paul Bullock, Regional Sales Manager at Close Brothers Asset Finance.

The Datron Vertical Machining Centre was required to bring in-house CNC machining capabilities to help HGL satisfy the on-going growth of their order book to produce volumes of HGL’s new ‘Pegasus’ handheld dynamic measurement unit. To complete the new “Manufacturing Cell” at the HGL Lincoln Manufacturing facility it was necessary to add new CAM Software, a clean Air Supply to the Datron VMC and an in-house inspection of parts requirement which was met with the purchase of the Faro Arm.

Because HGL planned to create two new jobs and safeguard one job, Paul quickly established that HGL could be eligible for assistance from the Regional Growth Fund.  Paul also suggested the MACH 3-5-7 Breakdown Plus insurance product, which offers valuable protection against machinery damage & breakdown and production interruptions. 

Datron Technology Ltd. has become a key advocate of this product for Close Brothers.

High performance productivity

With a successful RGF application out of the way and insurance in place, everything was set  to create a faster manufacturing process turnaround with reduced cycle times to cope with increased order volumes. The new equipment also meant an end to sub-contracting machining services to a third party and a guaranteed very high precision with a very high quality surface finish on all the manufactured parts using the Datron M8 Cube High Speed VMC. 

The new Machinery and Software funded by Close Brothers Asset Finance will enable High Performance Productivity, which will in turn increase sales and income.

Dr. Jim Hone, Managing Director of HGL Dynamics Ltd said: “The purchase and installation of the DATRON Milling Machine and the associated ancillary infrastructure items has radically improved HGL’s in house production capability.

“We have recently been awarded an extremely prestigious contract by the United States Government, which we would not have been able to fulfil without access to our CNC Machining Centre.

“To ensure the machine runs at maximum efficiency, we have increased the head count at the Lincoln office by employing two permanent Engineering Technicians. In addition, because we will no longer be outsourcing the production of some of our chassis to external manufacturers, the long term future of an Assembly Technician role has been safeguarded.

“My thanks go to Paul Bullock and Close Brothers Asset Finance for their efforts in facilitating and securing the deal.”