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Why choose asset finance?

Asset finance enables a business to purchase or refinance capital equipment, spreading the cost over an agreed period of time. 

Asset finance is flexible 


Flexible in terms of what you can acquire, freeing up working capital. Plus flexible repayments: from low start to seasonal repayments, helping you manage your cash flow. 

Asset finance gives you options


Use asset finance for capital expenditure without impacting your day-to-day operational finance through bank loans or overdrafts. 

Asset finance is predictable and safe


If business is slow, banks may reduce - or even withdraw - facilities. However with asset finance, charges and monthly repayments are agreed at the outset, avoiding any uncertainty. 

Asset finance releases capital effectively

Refinancing (capital release) is an excellent means of raising funds against unencumbered company assets and can be a very effective way of releasing capital for a business. 

We can help you plan your future for whatever lies ahead.