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The Wimbledon Championships 2022 - Facts and figures

The Wimbledon Championships stirs the heart of all tennis fans across the world – it’s also the home of one of Close Brothers Asset Finance’s larger offices, so we thought we’d take a closer look at what makes this iconic event tick…


2019 was a high water mark for the Championships in terms of its revenue, reaching £77.6m from all sources – but then the pandemic came, and this figure dropped to £47m in 2020 (even though it didn’t take place) – just a year later the recovery had started with a rise to £59.38m. We can expect 2022 to bring further financial benefits.


In total, around 5,600 staff are needed to run a successful Championships, over half of which look after food and drink.

This is five times the number needed for stewards - 619!

Food & drink

With 3,000 food and drink workers needed, what are they serving? Turns out, alcohol is high on the list!


Few visitors to Wimbledon leave without some sort of keepsake – but what are the hot ticket items?

In 2019, for example, 58,271 baseball caps and Panama hats were sold, followed by 27,419 Championship towels.

The rest of the list is:



In 2019, attendance hit over half a million (500,397), a rise over both 2018 (473,169) and 2017 (473,372).

Prize money

Prize money at The Championships is the same for both men and women in 2022:



If you want to treat someone, it might not be cheap but it will no doubt be worth it (prices are per person):