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Each quarter 1,000 UK SME owners across a range of sectors, regions and sizes, are surveyed by specialist independent researcher, Kantar, on Close Brothers’ behalf.

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of firms have seen their cashflow impacted by the pandemic


Published March 2021

No business has escaped the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In our research we track its continuing influence, from the economic to how business owners’ mental health is making it more difficult to ‘switch off’


Did your firm utilise government funding schemes during the pandemic?

Yes, Bounce Back Loans 24.3%
Yes, CBILS 11%
Yes, Recovery Loan Scheme 7.5%
Yes, a combination 9.5%
No 44.1%
Unsure 3.6%
Yes, Bounce Back Loans 22.7%
Yes, CBILS 11.6%
Yes, Recovery Loan Scheme 6.2%
Yes, a combination 10.2%
No 44.7%
Unsure 4.7%

Has your firm utilised government funding schemes during the pandemic?

Covid-19 Credit Guarantee Scheme 4.4%
Future Growth Loan Scheme 3.3%
Yes, a combination 35.6%
No 47.8%
Unsure 8.9%

Would your business benefit from further government support?

Yes 60.3%
No 39.7%

Should the government bring back the furlough scheme?

Yes, for all 32.6%
Yes, but only for sectors that need it 36.2%
No 31.2%

Should the government bring back the Covid-19 wage subsidy scheme?

Yes, for all 28.9%
Yes, but only for sectors that need it 48.9%
No 22.2%

Has the Omicron variant impacted your staffing levels?

Yes, significantly 29.1%
Yes, slightly 32.1%
No 38.8%

Is your firm preparing for further variants?

Yes 56.7%
No 43.3%

With Covid restrictions easing across the UK, will you expect your firm’s employees to be back in the office:

Full time 57.2%
Part-time / hybrid 23.2%
They can continue to work from home 9.3%
I don’t employ anyone 10.2%

Do you anticipate employees currently based at home to resist coming into the office?

Yes 48.8%
No 31.2%
Unsure 11%
We don’t have employees based at home 9%

Is your firm prepared to start disciplinary proceedings against employees who refuse to return to the office?

Yes 39.9%
No 37.4%
Unsure 10.8%
We don’t have employees based at home 12%

Will your business require employees to wear face masks indoors even after the lifting of restrictions?

Yes 51.6%
No 36.6%
Unsure 11.8%
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