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Each quarter 1,000 UK SME owners across a range of sectors, regions and sizes, are surveyed by specialist independent researcher, Kantar, on Close Brothers’ behalf.

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of business owners say COVID-19 has given them a better appreciation of the value of nature


Published March 2021

More and more businesses are becoming aware of the impact their activities have on the environment.  Our research tracks business owners’ views, including how the pandemic has changed their appreciation of nature and how ‘green’ they think their business is. 


Do you believe global warming poses a serious threat to our future?

Yes 82.8%
No 17.2%

Have you considered climate change and other environmental factors in your business plan?

Yes 44.6%
No 46.5%
Don’t know 8.9%

Carbon neutrality refers to achieving net zero carbon emissions by off-setting the carbon you release. Do you think your business can become carbon neutral by 2050?

Yes, we can become fully carbon neutral 40.8%
No, but we can reach 75% carbon offset 16.6%
No, but we can reach 50% carbon offset 10.8%
No, but we can reach 25% carbon offset 6.4%
No, we don’t believe we can reduce our emissions by 2050 2.5%
No, reducing carbon emissions is not a priority for us 22.9%

Do you believe that your business can help tackle climate change?

Yes, our actions have a significant impact 20.4%
Yes, our actions have some impact 50.3%
No, our actions cannot make an impact 29.3%

What is the main way your business is helping to tackle climate change?

We use energy efficiently 43.3%
We use renewable energy 14.6%
We have gone paperless 9.6%
We recycle 21%
We offset our carbon footprint 0.6%
None of the above 10.8%

Do you pay to off-set the carbon emissions of your business?

Yes 19.7%
No 80.3%

Have you heard of environmental, social and governance (ESG)?

Yes 49%
No 51%

Do you choose your funder based on who they invest in? For example, fossil fuel companies or tobacco firms

Yes 29.9%
No 70.1%

Is it important for you to work with an ethical funder?

Yes 47.8%
No 52.2%
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