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Each quarter 1,000 UK SME owners across a range of sectors, regions and sizes, are surveyed by specialist independent researcher, Kantar, on Close Brothers’ behalf.

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This data is free for you to use. All we ask is that you credit 'Close Brothers Asset Finance' if you do use it.

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Late Payments



of firms are owed more than £40k in late payments


Published March 2021

Late payments have long been a big issue for UK businesses, with half of firms admitting to it being a problem. Our research tracks how much money is owed and whether late payments are seasonally linked


Are late payments a problem for your business?

yes 41.2%
no 58.8%
Don't know 0%
yes 39.4%
no 60.6%
Don't know 0%
yes 31.9%
no 68.1%
Don't know 0%
yes 35.3%
no 64.7%
Don't know 0%
yes 51.2%
no 48.8%
Don't know 0%
yes 44%
no 56%
Don't know 0%
yes 49.4%
no 50.6%
Don't know 0%
yes 45.1%
no 54.9%
Don't know 0%
yes 46.8%
no 53.2%
Don't know 0%
yes 54.4%
no 45.6%
Don't know 0%
yes 44.4%
no 55.6%
Don't know 0%
yes 17.6%
no 72.1%
Don't know 10.3%
yes 22.9%
no 72.3%
Don't know 4.8%
yes 39.3%
no 55.7%
Don't know 4.9%
yes 40.6%
no 56.5%
Don't know 2.9%
yes 27.5%
no 63.8%
Don't know 8.7%
yes 23.2%
no 62.3%
Don't know 14.5%

Are late payments seasonally-linked?

No 31.4%
Yes, worse in spring 14.3%
Yes, worse in summer 20%
Yes, worse in autumn 5.7%
Yes, worse in winter 28.6%
No 42.3%
Yes, worse in spring 15.4%
Yes, worse in summer 19.2%
Yes, worse in autumn 7.7%
Yes, worse in winter 15.4%
No 45.5%
Yes, worse in spring 13.6%
Yes, worse in summer 22.7%
Yes, worse in autumn 0%
Yes, worse in winter 18.2%
No 43.3%
Yes, worse in spring 6.7%
Yes, worse in summer 13.3%
Yes, worse in autumn 6.7%
Yes, worse in winter 30%
No 51.2%
Yes, worse in spring 14%
Yes, worse in summer 16.3%
Yes, worse in autumn 7%
Yes, worse in winter 11.6%
No 39.4%
Yes, worse in spring 18.2%
Yes, worse in summer 18.2%
Yes, worse in autumn 12.1%
Yes, worse in winter 12.1%
No 34.2%
Yes, worse in spring 18.4%
Yes, worse in summer 21.1%
Yes, worse in autumn 13.2%
Yes, worse in winter 13.2%
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