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Aviation finance

Close Brothers Aviation are one of the leading providers of aviation finance, offering fast, tailor-made finance to our customers.

Close Brothers Aviation and Marine have been financing the general and business aviation industry in Britain and Ireland since 1976.

We also provide finance for vintage aircraft, and are strong supporters of historic aviation in the UK. The aircraft we finance are usually registered in the UK, USA, Ireland, Isle of Man or Guernsey.

We can finance brand new aircraft direct from the manufacturer, or pre-owned aircraft being sold by dealers, brokers or via private sale. We can also consider refinancing aircraft that are already owned, to release capital for overhauls, upgrades, rebuilds or other purposes. We can’t, however, finance aircraft operated by major airlines and the armed services.

Here are just some of the aircraft we can help you to finance:

  • Light piston aircraft

  • Turboprops

  • Helicopters

  • Executive corporate jets

  • Air ambulances

How does aviation finance work?

  • The borrower provides information about themselves and the prospective aircraft to us.
  • We perform an appraisal of the aircraft’s value and undertake our own internal credit analysis.
  • Normally, we would expect the borrower to undertake their own pre-purchase survey of the aircraft.
  • We agree terms on the structure of the transaction with the borrower.
  • We perform a title search based on the aircraft’s registration number to confirm that no liens or title defects are present.
  • We then prepare documentation for the transaction, which includes dealing with the vendor, insurers, maintenance organisations and (where applicable) lawyers.
  • At closing, the loan documentation is executed, and the funds are transferred.

We work in partnership with our customers

Drawing on our experience and expertise, we are able to provide customers with a wide range of options when financing their aircraft. We work in partnership to ensure that we offer flexible lending terms to enable the purchase of a new or pre-owned aircraft or to raise finance using existing aircraft as security.

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Why choose Close Brothers Aviation & Marine?

Just as no two businesses are the same, neither are asset finance providers. With us, it’s the combination of our people, products, and principles that make the difference.

Our people

As you would expect, our people are experts in aviation finance. This experience means our team really understand the challenges our customers face. You can rely on them to be a consistent and proactive point of contact, on hand throughout the life of the finance contract and beyond, building lasting relationships.

Our Products

We don’t provide standard packages, we consider all relevant aspects of your operation and then create tailor made, flexible repayment schedules to suit. With minimal capital outlay, our asset finance enables you to invest in new aircraft or refinance existing aircraft to make them work harder for you.

Our principles

We are committed to helping our customers make the right financial decisions. We base our lending decisions on the overall health and plans for the operation – not just a credit rating. But we’re careful lenders too, a decision that fails to take account of risk factors is not in anyone’s interest.

With local teams throughout the UK and Ireland, we can respond quickly to your requests for information and lending decisions. In fact, we aim to give you a decision within days, sometimes hours.

Aircraft mortgages and registration

Our finance facilities are structured by way of a loan secured by an aircraft mortgage.

Security – by way of a mortgage over the aircraft - will be required, together with the appropriate guarantees, and facility fees normally apply.

More information on aircraft and mortgage registration, can be found at:

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Close Brothers Aviation and Marine team

Andy Blundell

Andy Blundell
MD of Aviation and Marine

With 30 years’ experience in Asset Finance and banking, Andy has an in-depth knowledge of aviation and marine financing solutions for both corporate and personal clients. Andy’s high standards ensure clients of Close Brothers Aviation and Marine consistently receive the best quality service available.

Dominic Prisco

Dominic Prisco
Regional Manager

Dominic has more than ten years’ experience in Asset Finance and has been with Close Brothers since 2013. He specialises in assisting private and commercial clients to finance or refinance aviation and marine assets. Dominic has built many long lasting, successful relationships with customers within the aviation and marine industries.

Ian Halliday

Ian Halliday
Aviation Sales Director

Ian has more than 13 years’ experience in the Aviation sector, spanning both sides of the industry from a supplier perspective in addition to finance. Ian’s considerable experience for the aviation sector will enable us to continue to provide real expertise and value-added service to our clients, partners and the wider aviation industry.

Oliver Southwood

Oliver Southwood
Area Sales Manager

Ollie has over eight years’ experience in Asset Finance, which includes working with international clients looking to fund large sea-going vessels. Ollie joined Close Brothers Aviation and Marine in 2021 and looks forward to building long lasting, successful relationships within the leisure and commercial marine and aviation spaces.