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Close Brothers Asset Finance launches free-to-use SME research data hub

Close Brothers Asset Finance has launched its free-to-use SME Data Hub, making available all research it has conducted – in partnership with Kantar research - since the start of 2016.  

The company has been surveying SMEs for over a decade on a wide range of topics and it was felt that rather than archive the data, it would make it available to everyone, from researchers and students to journalists and finance professionals, none of who have to sign-up or provide contact details to access the data.

In addition, both graphs and tables of the data can be downloaded by users.

The only requirement the company has placed on the use of the data is that it must be credited as the used as the source of the data.

Anton Nebbe, Head of PR and Communications: “We were sitting on many years’ worth of research, archiving it once we’d issued our press releases and thought leadership articles.

“But coming from a journalism background myself, I knew there would be ongoing value in making the data freely available without the need to register, and I’m delighted the business agreed with me.

“I don’t know yet how the SME Data Hub will be used but my hope is there is something there for everyone given we have the thoughts and opinions of – literally - thousands of business owners and senior members of the SME community dating back over four years, since even before the Brexit vote.”

How it works

The data can be manipulated in a number of ways, including sector, business size and location.

To access the data:

  • Select the year/quarter: Each 'wave' was collected at a specific time. Just select from the drop-down (above) the year/quarter you wish to view. 
  • Choose a question set: You can choose different question sets to select data about a specific category or topic. 
  • Filter the data: Use the filters to split the results
  • Compare data: If the same question has been asked in other years/quarters, you can use the drop-down underneath each chart to see how results have changed over time

Sectors surveyed include:

  1. Construction

  2. Engineering

  3. Manufacturing

  4. Food and Drink

  5. Transport & Haulage

  6. Wholesale and distribution

  7. Print and Packaging

  8. Public sector

  9. Retail

  10. Recruitment

  11. Services

Visit the SME Data Hub